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Terms of Service


All commissions agree to the following TOS

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me!


By commissioning Dimplzneechan, the client agrees to the following:

  • They are 18+

  • Will not use any work done in any AI database or sell as NFT.

  • Will not modify, trace, or resell the work unless given explicit permission to do so.

  • Will not use personal artwork done for commercial use. Commercial use is defined as use intended for profit. 

  • Artist retains copyrights to all works produced including use for promotion unless agreement stating otherwise.

  • Payments are received by PayPal only unless an exception is made by the Artist. 

  • Deposits are non-refundable once commission has been started.

  • Refunds are only given if for an unforeseen reason the Artist is unable to finish the commission or have not started the commission at all.

  • Artist has the complete right to refuse any commission

  • May not claim credit for the artwork done.

  • Client will receive two free concept revisions in the sketch stages. Any revision during the sketch stage after that will be for a fee. Any revision after the sketch stage outside of minor color changes will be for a fee. any mistakes on my part are not included as revisions.

  • Process photos will be shared and it is the clients responsibility to point out issues they have honestly then.

  • Other styles besides the artist will be for a fee. 

Will & Wont

✅Will Draw

Most things, however technical/heavily detailed things or ​subjects that Dimplz doesn't really draw {cars, mechs, scenery} may add to the cost​

❌Won't Draw

Very graphic NSFW

Furry NSFW


Designs without visual references


  • After Dimplz opens commission slot, client fills out form and Dimplz reach out to confirm details of the desired commission and collect the deposit. If a week passes with no check back please reach out to Dimplz via email

  • Commissions that are less than $250 must be paid in full upfront. For commissions over $250, at least half of the cost is required upfront as a deposit. Dimplz will not start drawing until the deposit is received and the deposit becomes non-refundable once started.

  • Commissions are worked on simultaneously and if there is a need for a specific deadline, it is up to the client to make that know at the start of the process. Deadlines vary from a few weeks to a few months depending on the scope of the project. 

  • Dimplz is very visual so visual references are a MUST. The more detailed the better.

  • Once your commission has been started:

    • Dimplz will work together with you to produce a rough sketch for the commission. This is the time to discuss any changes or issues you have with the concept. Once the final sketch has been approved and linework has been started, there will be a fee for EVERY major change (besides minor color changes).​

    • Once the final rough sketch has been approved, Dimplz will finalize the commission only after receiving the final half of the cost of the commission. 

    • At the completion of the commission, high resolution files in your preferred file format will be sent to your email address.

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