VRoid Soft Fuzzy Eye Texture Set

VRoid Soft Fuzzy Eye Texture Set


The product is a texture set of EYES for Vroid

Contains: 7 Iris texture files that you can directly import into Vroid.

Important Copyright Info!

Copyright is not waived and the creator of the product (me) still retains the copyright of the work, you can use the product subject to the following permissions and prohibitions, and it is not necessary to credit the name of the creator.


What you CAN do:

Import to various vroid files for use.
・It is no problem to use only part of it.

Modify the contents
・File type conversion, texture change, adding/deleting part of the content, etc.

Commercial use at the level of the individual, self/small circle publication (doujin)
・Using models that contain this product as an avatar for profitable live broadcast, or use on the cover of self-publication works, etc. (Twitch, Youtube, ect)

Does not credit the name of the creator
・It is also OK if you credit it. When crediting, please use the name Dimplzneechan .

// prohibited actions

Claim that you made the texture.

Re-selling the product
・Modified, other models containing part of this product are also prohibited to re-sale
・Publicizing the model in a form that others cannot download/get the texture is allowed.

// Precautions

This is a virtual item, so unfortunately THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.

Purchasing the product shall be deemed to agree with the terms above.

 Contact information



IG/Twitter/Youtube: @dimplzneechan