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Kawaii Central.

 Kawaii Overload 


Konichiwa!! Welcome to my site :3

If I were to tell anyone about myself I would first say that I am a anime addicted artist who decided to sell her work one day >.< 

I'm a girl who obsessed with everything kawaii and pink with a splash of macabre.

I have always loved anime and wanted to create more Black representation in the anime community. This website is the fruition of that vision.

You are able to make commission requests here and can find examples of my commission options on my FAQ page. 

There may be a waiting list for commission and if there is I will let you know when I respond to your request. 

I do not start sketching until I have received at least half the payment upfront and will send the finished product once I received the remaining. 

I do have the right to deny any request that I am not comfortable completing. 

This is a place were you are welcome to partake in my cuteness overload and see the madness that resides in my head.

Thank you in advance for your support and don't ever forget that I love ya!! ;P


            The Compart Kunoichi <3